Annuities are a legitimate asset class…

"When used wisely, annuities can help you to develop a personalized income and growth strategy

We can help you understand how annuities fit into your retirement planning options. While annuities may not be for everyone, they can be ideal for people with enough liquid assets to cover living expenses & unexpected emergencies, such as medical bills.

Knowing how annuities work and…

Masters of how to use them

By taking years of advisor DNA and fusing it with our intelligent technologies, we’ve removed the guesswork from the equation.

Our ANNUITY LOGIC™ application can help you easily integrate annuity contracts into your retirement philosophy, giving you greater portfolio diversification. This is essential because annuities can help by providing guaranteed income you can't outlive & principal protections while investing1. They also help by mitigating a variety of additional financial risks such as…

  • Stock Market Volatility
  • Low Interest Rates
  • Social Security Uncertainty
  • Impact of Inflation
Guaranteed Lifetime Income1

Create more control by supplementing the guaranteed income you receive from Social Security and pension plans with your own private pension.

Protect Against Market Losses1

You decide the level of risk you are comfortable with and insure anything above that amount with some of the latest annuity breakthroughs.

Guaranteed Interest Rates1

You can receive a fixed rate of interest for a period in time of your choosing; you may even have access to your principal for emergencies2.

Keeping costs low…

"Most of the annuities we recommend have no annual or recurring fees or charges

In just a few short minutes you can speak with us and have all the information you need to make a great choice.

It's up to you to make your money last…

How many years will you spend in retirement?

According to the latest data compiled by the Social Security Administration, about one in every three 65-year-olds today will live past age 90, and about one out of seven will live past age 95. - Social Security Administration: Life Expectancy

While investing can give you the ability for faster asset growth, greater diversification and flexibility – traditional investments cannot provide guaranteed income for life1. You simply can’t be certain how the investment options in your portfolio will perform. Your account could be depleted while you still have a need for income, this is one of several unacceptable risks.

Investments fluctuate in value, and at any time may be worth more or less than what you originally paid. If you need to sell an investment when it is worth less than what you paid, you will lose money. This is called market risk. The rising and falling in the value of an investment is called volatility. Greater volatility means greater market risk.
Simply refers to the risk that you may outlive your assets. Longevity risk is perhaps the single biggest risk facing retirees. Your family medical history, overall health and lifestyle can have a big impact on how long you will live; even then, there’s no way to be certain. Choices, such as when to retire, how much money to withdraw from your assets each year, and how to invest your money all flow from this longevity discussion. It would be wonderful to live a long and healthy life; it would be even better if your money lasts as long as you do.
The risk that your money will buy less each year. If you choose investments solely based on safety, you may run this risk. If your investments don’t outpace inflation, in the future you may not be able to afford the standard of living you enjoy today. Even a 3% annual rate of inflation can reduce your purchasing power by half in just 24 years.
There are some things you will need to consider…

What is a safe withdrawal rate and what exactly does it mean?

It is an amount that you can withdraw safely from your assets without depleting them. We can help discover how much that is and how to best withdraw from savings and investments to help provide the best chance for sustainable income.


Knowing when to begin withdrawing from your assets is as important as knowing how much. We can help determine the right mix and the right time to begin.

With many types of retirement vehicles, you are required by law to begin making certain withdrawals by age 72 (beginning in year 2020). We can assist in devising a strategy that helps you comply, while also minimizing taxes and protecting the value of your portfolio.

Retirement takes careful planning, but unexpected expenses are a part of life; especially if you need extra money for an emergency or to cover an unplanned expense. Many investors use cash equivalents for emergency funds or upcoming major purchases. This will allow you to maintain a sound investment strategy and avoid selling-out even when the “unexpected” happens.

Additionally, a sound investment strategy also takes the ups and downs of the market into account. It recognizes that there may be losses when the market declines but seeks to take full advantage of rising markets by remaining properly allocated in good times and bad. Having a solid cash position can help you stay grounded – regardless of uncertainties that are bound to happen.

You may have multiple sources of income in retirement. Some of your income may be from guaranteed sources, such as Social Security, a pension or an annuity. And some of your income may be from non-guaranteed sources, such as your savings and investments, and other sources, which could include a part-time job or rental income. Having more guaranteed sources can reduce the overall risk that needs to be taken with investment assets.

Careful consideration should be given to the portion of your assets that need to be invested. By determining an investment mix of stocks, bonds, and cash in your portfolio—tailored to your needs for income, preservation of assets and long-term growth—you can help avoid outliving your assets.

For instance, if you need a higher degree of growth from your portfolio and can tolerate a fair amount of volatility, you might opt for a mix that has a greater percentage of stocks, while greater percentages of bonds and cash can help you with income and asset preservation needs.

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We know about all types of annuities

And we'll do everything we can to help find the right one for you.

Income Annuities

Are insurance backed, guaranteed income1 contracts that can last as long as you live. You purchase an MD Annuity with one single payment and in return, can begin receiving income payments right away (usually within 12 months).

  • Payments never reduce
  • Payments for life or a period of time
  • Payments with a compound interest feature

Longevity Annuities

Provide you with the knowledge of what your expected guaranteed1 future income will be, at the precise time when you want it to start. When planning for the future, longevity annuities are the "go to" funding vehicle for private pensions.

  • Choose when payments begin
  • Choose how long they will last
  • Choose the amount you want to receive

Wealthspan: An annuity can help make sure your money lasts as long as you do.

Being certain you'll have enough money in retirement can be a bit overwhelming. Thankfully, there's an annuity type to complement nearly every part of what's missing in your financial portfolio.


A qualified longevity annuity contract provides you with the opportunity to defer a portion of your required minimum distributions up to age 85. By deferring a portion of income to a later date, you delay paying taxes on money you may not need early in retirement. This could have a measureable impact on extending your retirement savings.

  • Create a future guaranteed1 income stream
  • Available for IRA, 401k, 403b, 457 plans
  • Extend start date of RMDs.

Fixed Annuities

With a Fixed Annuity, your growth will be steady through the safety of a guaranteed interest rate that is locked in for the entire period you choose – typically between 3-10yrs. A fixed annuity is a low-risk, tax-deferred product for people who always want to know how much they’ll be earning.

  • Predictable interest
  • Protects principal
  • Guaranteed income

Liquidity: Most deferred annuities come with annual free withdrawals of between 5-15% of the account value.

Annuities may also come with special features (riders)1 which can provide additional access to your money should an unexpected event such as death, terminal illness, long-term-care or a nursing home stay occur.

Indexed Annuities

With an Indexed Annuity, you can have market-based growth potential (gains when a chosen market index rises) and have no loss of contract value (when that same market index falls). Meant for those seeking an opportunity for safe returns greater than a fixed annuity.

  • Growth potential
  • Principal protection
  • Free from market risk

Index Linked Annuities

Index linked annuities can make unpredictable investment returns a thing of the past. As you near retirement, it's more important than ever to know what you can expect from your investments. These "new and improved" variable annuities are changing the way people think about investing.

  • Actual index performance to a cap
  • Downside limits or risk buffers
  • LOW to NO investment and contract fees
You may be wondering…

"Since annuities are long-term contracts for retirement, is an annuity right for me?

Read on below and learn more about how annuities work and can be used to improve your overall finances. You can also get answers by reaching out to one of our licensed annuity professionals. Got questions, we're here to help.

Access to money

Free withdrawals are amounts which may be taken each year without surrender charges. Benefits vary but can range from a fixed percentage, interest earned or even cumulative amounts.

Surrender charges

If you happen to withdraw more than the free withdrawal amount in a given year, you may have to pay a surrender charge on the amount withdrawn in excess.

Tax control

If you're investing in securities, CDs or savings, you may be paying taxes on all the capital gains, interest and dividends you receive each year, whether you need the money or not.

Create balance

Annuities can help to solve the income part of the retirement equation. After that, it's a lot more simple to find proper balance within the investment side of your portfolio.

Getting a head start

An annuity can help families get a head start on retirement planning, and shift some of their tax burden to retirement years.

Need to catch up

Unlimited contributions and tax-deferred compounding can accelerate your investment plan and may help you catch up with your retirement goals.

Close to retirement

Think about how much income you’ll need when you stop working, and make a plan. An annuity can help you manage income and taxes while your money keeps growing.

Already retired

Rises and falls of the stock market as well as persistently low interest rates can place an extraordinary burden on asset preservation and income production.


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